Feature track

The feature track can display a multitude of annotation information, supplied as GFF or BED files. Features like CDS, RNA, SNP, etc... are displayed as rectangles in different colors. A triangle on one side can indicate the strand. When zoomed in enough, feature names are displayed when available.

The labels on each of the features are encoded in the input file. The track will look for the following keys to find a label:

  • protein_id
  • Name
  • ID
  • gene
  • label
  • note

If none of these are found, it will display the type with the location.

You need to provide a values for any of these field for any feature you wish to have a label.
Furthermore, labels are only displayed when the box is large enough.

If you always want them to display, there is a configuration option for that. Either available through the menu or in the config file you make for your instances.