Gene structure

Gene structure track

Gene structure track (click to enlarge)Gene structure track (click to enlarge)

This tracks shows a number of things, some of which only are visible when you are sufficiently zoomed in.
Things to know about this track:

  • This track is divided into two by a ruler which indicates the current genomic location.
  • Within this track, everything above the ruler is on the forward strand, anything below the ruler is on the reverse strand
  • Both the forward strand part and the reverse strand part have a nucleotide band and 3 possible translation frame bands.
  • In the default configuration, potential donor and acceptor sites will be painted in yellow and blue on the nucleotide band.
  • The six reading frames have potential start and stop codons indicated in green and red.
  • The light blue rectangles visualizes the structure of a gene in terms of strand and the phase of each exon.