GenomeView 1682: integrated indexing, user interaction and reduced memory consumption

Release 1682 is again a step forward in making GenomeView as user-friendly as possible.
Major new features:

  • Automagic index creation: If you try loading a file that is not yet indexed, GenomeView will now ask to do it for you.
  • Speed and memory improvements: We have significantly optimized the way annotation feature and sequences are handled so it is easier to load monstrous draft genomes with 65,000 contigs and 500,000 annotation items without needing a gigantic computer.
  • Heartbeat monitor: We have added visual clues to the current memory use and network connectivity to help diagnose problems when GenomeView decides to stop working.

As usual a number of smaller changes that fix bugs and minor annoyances:

  • Indexed MAF (multiple alignments) correctly switches to visualization modes, dramatically improving performance when zooming out
  • Saved session now include all data types, not just sequence and annotation
  • We have improved the configuration options of the pile-up track. They should be easier to understand now.