GenomeView 1198: Indexed data sources and applets

We are pleased to announce that we have released a new version of GenomeView which includes a huge number of improvements.

  • Support more file formats
  • Support for indexed file formats created by SAMtools (tabix, faidx). This required a redesign of the data handling framework.
  • GenomeView is now also available as Applet and as JComponent for integration in other websites and tools.
  • Simplified GUI significantly
  • Asynchronous data fetching for some data types, this will be expanded on in the future
  • Fixed a significant number of bugs: 2902516, 2974564, 2947910, 2947908, 2969208, 2957908, 2835050, 2888150, 3053572, 3053564, 3053533, 3053527, 3053516, 3041869, 3009517, 2934863, 2903299, 2902517, 2898589, 3046207, 3053511

The new version is available when clicking the orange launch button in the top-right corner. We are currently testing all integration instances to make sure they work with the new version. As soon as testing is done, we will update the start-script as well.

If you run into any problems please do contact us on the mailing list or post a support ticket.