Setting up a Genome Explorer repository

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GenomeView allows you to set up a custom repository of genomes that will be loaded as primary view in the Genome Explorer


  1. Set up a repository file
  2. Set up configuration file
  3. Make launch URL

Repository file format

The repository file is a tab-delimited file where each column has a special meaning.

  1. repository identifier
  2. display name for repository, should be reasonably short and informative people
  3. display image for repository, this should be a URL
  4. description text, this can be html code.
  5. url to the session file.

For example

fusobac	Fusobacterium nucleatum animalis ATCC51191	Fusobacterium nucleatum animalis ATCC51191 is from a colon sample.  This strain was sequenced at Baylor College of Medicine.