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== [http://genomeview.org/content/quick-start-guide Getting started in 5 minutes with GenomeView] ==
== [http://genomeview.org/content/quick-start-guide Getting started in 5 minutes with GenomeView] ==
== Manuals and support ==
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{{Box-header|title=User manual}}
{{Box-header|title=User manual}}

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Welcome to the GenomeView manual. These pages aim to answer any questions you may have as an end-user, a platform-user or as a contributing developer.

This documentation is completely open for anyone to contribute to, just click the edit-button near the top and you can help make this a better resource for everyone.

At the moment we are transitioning the current documentation from genomeview.org/manual to this wiki. So not all information may be here yet. Thomas (talk) 19:18, 30 August 2013 (CEST)

Getting started in 5 minutes with GenomeView


User manual

These manual pages describe how to use GenomeView and how to prepare your data to be usable in GenomeView.

Starting GenomeView

Preparing and loading data -- Preloaded data

Navigation -- Keyboard short-cuts


Search for...

Manipulating and configuring the views

Editing annotations

Exporting data and saving changes

More functionality with plugins


Getting help

Frequently asked questions

I have a problem, help me, please

Report a bug or request a feature


Platform-user manual

These manual pages describe how to integrate GenomeView with your web-based platform or how to communicate with GenomeView from 3-rd party software.

Using GenomeView from the command-line


Session files -- Configuration options

Communicating with GenomeView

Programming with GenomeView

Setting up authentication and encryption

Making a plugin

Integrating GenomeView as an editor


Developer manual

These pages are aimed towards contributors to GenomeView and developers who work directly on the GenomeView code.

Currently this documentation lives on Sourceforge.

Workshops, presentations and training