GenomeView 835 - n:m multiple alignments

During the past week a number new features have been implemented, some improvements have been made and a number of bugs have been fixed.

The major addition for this release is a brand new visualization method for multiple alignments.
Watch video full screen in HD mode for best quality, the video contains no sound

New features

  • Parser for MAQ snp data
  • Parser for MAF multiple alignments
  • Complete new visualization for MAF formatted multiple alignments
  • Show insertions in short read alignments with a tooltip that shows the inserted bases.
  • Parser for TAIR TBL formatted annotation files


  • Improved multiple alignment tooltip
  • Graphs can now also be displayed as bar charts
  • Tooltip with the actual value when hovering over a wiggle track
  • Double the resolution of the wiggle track
  • Implemented single-instance in a portable non-webstart way

Bug fixes

  • Syntenic and multiple alignment tracks are properly cleared when using 'clear entries'
  • Fixed some race condition exceptions when loading multiple files at once
  • Alignments blocks always stick in the same place between repaints
  • Fixed missing first nucleotide value in the wiggle track