GenomeView 1.9992: storing sessions and improved short read visualization

Release 1.9992 of GenomeView finally provides a way to store sessions and restore them later on. For now the functionality is rather basic and GenomeView only keeps track of what data is loaded and will restore it when loading a session.

The visualization of short read data has been improved. When hovering over the pile-up plot, you get a pop-up showing the actual number of reads. Also a number of additional constraints and checks have been implemented to keep GenomeView alive and responsive when browsing data sets that have extreme high coverage (>10,000 stacking depth) in some places. Furthermore, the pile-up graph is now split in forward and reverse strand coverage.

Download latest version of GenomeView and JAnnot

The preferred way to start GenomeView is the web start you find in the top-left corner of the site.

JAnnot 1.98 API docs

List of changes

  • Session (re)store (#2560880)
  • Split pile-up coverage graph in forward and reverse coverage
  • Improvements to short read representation to keep it more responsive(#2849434)
  • Fixed navigation bug where all key navigation would be done twice (#2851257)
  • Implemented pop-up screen that shows the actual read coverage when hovering over the pile-up graph (#2839254)