Places to get data

Demo data

We provide a number of demo instances of GenomeView that come with data preloaded.

Preloaded instances

Furthermore we provide a significant number of pre-loaded GenomeView instances through the Genome Explorer.

Other data

Here is a list of a couple of places where you can find data that may be of interest. This data will generally require some processing to get it into one of the standard file formats.

Reference genomes and annotation

If you would like any of the genomes at UCSC or Ensembl included in the Genome Explorer, drop us an e-mail, we have scripts to automate the download and data massaging.
UCSC Genome Browser downloads
Ensembl downloads

Sequencing data sets

Sequence Read Archive (SRA) is a repository that stores raw sequencing data from next generation of sequencing platforms.
EBI Sequence Read Archive is the European cousin of the SRA.

Whole genome multiple alignments

The UCSC data repository has a large number of whole genome multiple alignments. Look under the heading 'Multiple Alignments' for each species.

Some examples: hg19 aligned to 45 vertebrates hg18 aligned to 43 vertebrates hg18 aligned to 27 vertebrates dm3 aligned to 14 other insects