GenomeView 1805: improved multiple alignments and support for bigWig

The recent releases between 1682 and 1805 have added a number of new feature to GenomeView, a number of improvements to existing features as well as a whole set of bug fixes.

From now on, the bigWig format, that's been in use over at UCS, is supported by GenomeView. bigWig is used to store large continuous value data files.

The save and export functionality has been expanded to allow more fine grained control of what data has to be saved.

We have significantly improved performance of compressed and indexed multiple alignments to allow bigger whole genome alignments at increased speed and reduced memory usage.

Bug fixes and other improvements:
- fixes issues in GenBank and wig parser
- more user interaction feedback when things go wrong
- fixed several visual glitches in various visualization tracks
- made more long-running actions multi-threaded to improve interactivity
- hacked around around a bunch of Java bugs limitations on Mac
- improved single-instance mode
- entries in drop-down are ordered naturally