GenomeView 1.7.2 released

GenomeView 1.7.2 has been released.

The main new feature is an extra panel that displays the structure of the last selected CDS. This is useful when editing a gene structure and you want to check what happens with the exons that are outside of your zoom. Besides this new panel we have added additional configuration options including the possibility to configure the colors of the different types of data.

Besides this new feature we have fixed a number of bugs and did a number of improvements that should make the GUI more user friendly.

  • Changing a strand is now properly registered in the undo-redo stack
  • Display of some undo-redo items is now more human readable
  • CDS overview list now completely behaves properly
  • EMBL parser now correctly save description lines
  • Undo and redo of structural changes will properly update the phase of an exon
  • A progress box is displayed for all loading and saving events