GenomeView 1.6.8 released

GenomeView 1.6.8 offers a lot of bug fixes and a number of new features.

New features

  • When clicking a gene in the annotation panel, it is also selected in the CDS overview table
  • Internal BioMoby support, expect to hear from this more in the next release
  • Several new configuration options
  • Data sources (files, web sites, biomoby services) are now handles uniformly
  • Features can be displayed and saved based on their origin.
  • Expanded save capabilities with more options
  • Added support to copy sequences to the clipboard (ctrl+c)


  • Undo and redo buttons are better human readable
  • Renamed positive and negative strand to forward and reverse
  • Coloring of nucleotides and splice sites is now ignores case
  • Removed unused text fields in merge feature dialog and split feature dialog
  • When merging features, the matching type is preselected
  • Added menu item to make features visible again
  • Improved the selection of regions from the structure panel
  • Logging is now done using the Java Logging API
  • Improved the automatic file type detection

Bug fixes

  • Outlines are properly drawn when drag-editing an item
  • Numerous small glitches in the GUI
  • Mouse zoom is now properly limited