GenomeView 1370: preloaded data and searching

Release 1370 focuses on making the first-time-user experience a lot more agreeable by providing the Genome Explorer.

Genome Explorer is a portal to a set of instances of GenomeView with preloaded data. When you start GenomeView you will now be presented with the Genome Explorer which allows you to load data from a number of genomes. For now, we provide a number of tutorial genomes which illustrate a number of features of GenomeView.

Furthermore, the Genome Explorer is also be the place where you get direct access to a large number of reference genomes. These genomes will have the reference sequence and gene annotation preloaded so you can start work directly with your data.

Currently, we offer over 20 plant genomes in collaboration with the Plaza plant comparative genomics project. In the next couple of release we expect to add a number of new genomes from animals and bacteria.

If you have any requests for genomes we should included, please do contact us.

While the Genome Explorer is the biggest change in this release, we have also revamped the search functionality to work better. You can now also search on chromosome/genome/entry name, not just on features.