GenomeView 1305: improving performance and fixing bugs

In releases 1295 and 1305 we have made some more improvements to the rendering speed of some tracks, in particular when a lot of data is on screen. Furthermore, we have improved the visual clues when not all data can be displayed. Besides improving the speed, we have also fixed a number of bugs and implemented some smaller feature requests:

  • Menu action to extent to the next start codon
  • Configuration option to have all possible start codons considered, or just ATG
  • The order species appear in a multiple alignment can now be configured
  • It is no long possible to create features outside the sequence
  • Perform better error checking and correction on configuration files, a badly formatted config file will no longer crash the whole application
  • Fixed bug that would insert some nucleotides at the beginning of the sequence when using indexed data and viewing the first nucleotide