Creating a plug-in

Plugins are the standard extension mechanism for GenomeView. They allow you to add your own algorithms and functionality to GenomeView without modifying the core application.

To build your own custom modules you will need a recent version of GenomeView. This can be obtained from the Download link in the left menu.

A module consists of three parts:

  • A plug-descriptor
  • A class which implements the net.sf.genomeview.plugin.IPlugin interface and extends the class. The first will ensure that you have access to the GenomeView data model and the latter will make sure your plug-in is loaded an activated when starting GenomeView
  • Any supporting classes and libraries used by your plug-in implementation

We suggest you take a look at the two plug-ins we currently support for ideas how to go about implementing your own. If you decide to develop a plug-in, we would be very happy to help you out by improving the documentation.

Example plug-ins

DNA property plug-in source code

Export image to PDF plug-in source code