GenomeView 1.7.1 released

Today we release version 1.7.1 of GenomeView, our genome browser and curator.

This release features a number of improvements:

  • When loading features with the same sequence ID as an already loaded sequence, the features are added to this sequence.
  • GFF3 parser now correctly assembles CDS fragments with the same parent into a single Feature.
  • Save dialog now notifies which file will be overwritten.
  • It is now possible to switch between the SequenceView and the main application.
  • The CDS overview now behaves better, but there is still room for improvement.

GenomeView 1.7 released

GenomeView 1.7 is the latest release of GenomeView. The main new feature in this release is the BioMoby support to communicate with BOGAS.


  • Improved human-readability of some labels
  • Improved search dialog: nucleotide, amino acid and keyword search.
  • Improved BioMoby support
  • Authentication for BioMoby

GenomeView 1.6.9 released

GenomeView 1.6.9 has been released!

This release is only supported as webstart application. We need to sort out the BioMoby libraries before we can support a stand-alone version again.

GenomeView 1.6.9 offers a lot of bug fixes and a number of new features.

  • Partial locations are properly parsed and displayed
  • Save to fasta and gff3 now work properly
  • Each save dialog is now associated with the correct GenomeView instance
  • A number of GUI improvements and naming improvements
  • Added support for gzipped files
  • Parsers ignore lines they don't recognize instead of crashing GenomeView
  • ChromosomeView is back in business, better than ever
  • BioMoby support should be operational, though still a bit experimental
  • Show warning when information may be lost during save

GenomeView 1.6.8 released

GenomeView 1.6.8 offers a lot of bug fixes and a number of new features.

New features

  • When clicking a gene in the annotation panel, it is also selected in the CDS overview table
  • Internal BioMoby support, expect to hear from this more in the next release
  • Several new configuration options
  • Data sources (files, web sites, biomoby services) are now handles uniformly
  • Features can be displayed and saved based on their origin.
  • Expanded save capabilities with more options
  • Added support to copy sequences to the clipboard (ctrl+c)

GenomeView 1.6.7 released

GenomeView 1.6.7 brings a number of new features and fixes some bugs

New features

  • You can hide gene structures that you don't want to see. This can be done by selecting them from the menu 'Selection' or by clicking the last column in the gene structures overview table.
  • Improved some labels throughout the GUI to be more human readable.
  • The module system is replaced by the JPF framework (
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