Load data

You can load data from files from your computer, or you can load data from a file that lives on the internet by its URL.

File formats
GenomeView supports a whole list of file formats. See the data format page for a complete list. GenomeView tries to limit the listed files to the supported data formats. However, there are many extensions in use and your files may be hidden. In that case, select "all files" from the drop-down list.

Some file formats can/need to be preprocessed for optimal performance.

Opening a file
Steps to open a file:
File > Load data > Local file > pick your file

Note that you can select multiple files at once.

There are two sample data files attached to this page you could use. One file contains genomic sequence, the other one annotation for this sequence. The data represents the mitochondrial DNA of C. elegans (WS200).

The video's below show how to open data from a local file and from a URL.

Watch the video full screen for best quality

Watch the video full screen for best quality
Loading data from a URL

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